Manor House

4 Double rooms with private bathroom, 3 of which with a view and connection to the boxwood garden In the heart of the estate, the large welcoming yard introduces the Manor House as well as the chapel and the winery. Built in 1722, the chapel of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception is the oldest building of the entire estate. Inside the chapel, you can see its walls covered with blue and white tiles and the beautiful Portuguese carved wooden tribune dating from the 17th century. The main house is an example of the Portuguese baroque architecture of the 18th century manor houses in the north of the country. Climbing the double staircase, you reach the entrance hall, which instinctively invites you to look up: the vaulted ceiling, carefully painted with religious motifs, is one of the house’s main attractions. The view over the Douro Valley, the houses on the Resende slopes and the green mountains of Meadas in the background frame this charming picture. The old portraits hanging on the walls remind us that this house is a family home while keeping alive the memories of the people who lived here. On the Manor House’s ground floor, three of the four bedrooms can take you directly to the labyrinthine boxwood garden, a quiet corner where you can hear the sound of running water in the neighboring spout and where it is easy to imagine children playing between the little hedges.